If done right, email marketing is 97% result oriented. And that’s what we do cost-effectively.

We believe in the beauty data segmentation when it comes to email marketing. We provide you data driven guide to launch your campaign. Even we give you back your campaign creatives once you are done.

Building opt-in email list
Personalization and segmentation are the hallmark of any successful email marketing campaign.

Creating custom content

Content is the kind for the campaign. Be it subject line or body copy, it must be compelling enough. We spend more time on it.

Designing custom email layout

Based on your campaign objective and expectation, we create email layout.

Test and track the campaign

Testing and tracking provides us with data to make right decision to launch the email marketing campaign.

We always find a low-cost way to increase your leads, sales, referrals, and even up-sells and cross sells.

Here is why you should hire us for performance driven email marketing?

Increased unique view and conversion

Our achievement speaks for us. And we even go above industry benchmark.

Achieved inbox ratio

90% ,yes we achieve it by following the right tricks.

With Email Marketing, we convert strangers to loyal customers.

We guarantee you to get the mailer into your customers’ inbox. We don’t just perform email marketing; we track the results. See below.


Cost Per Click.

This is the fundamental matrix to track – how many traffic you get from the email marketing


Cost Per Lead.

When you need to nurture your already acquired leads, we advise you to choose this model.


Cost Per Acquisition.

It represents the end of the conversion funnel. We choose this model when you want to focus on getting buyers at the right time.